"We're very happy with your quality and would like to defer more work your way. Would it be possible, and I understand that this would take time, for you to increase your team so we can send you more translation projects? "
---Vendor Manager of an International Communications Company
"WordTech International's service is highly efficient and reasonably priced. I am quite satisfied."
---Senior Marketing Director of Nexway
Game Localization
WordTech International offers a variety of game localization and translation services and can tailor these services to your needs. Our main services include:
● Translation
● Voiceover Recording
● Integration
● Testing
● Project Management

At WordTech International, we understand that each game tells a story. Hence, to make the storytelling even more attractive and successful in a different cultural context, our game localization combines both linguistic skills and cultural adaptation expertise. We also understand that for a quality game localization it is very important to consider the following:
● Beforehand prepare instructions and requirements
● Expand on context
● Spotlight the importance of cultural aspects
● Allow for creativity
● Take on-board the best translators

Since its founding, WordTech International has been a reliable partner for developers and publishers seeking the most professional and cost-effective adaptations of their video games and multi-media products. As of the end of Q1 of 2014, we have localized more than 160 games for clients from home and abroad. We are platform agnostic and work with all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation2, cell phones, PDAs, and PCs. Over the past 16 years of company development, we have developed our very own professional game localization guidelines as well as our proprietary game localization tools to be used in conjunction with popular industry tools. We bring together an experienced and talented team of game translators, casting directors, game localization engineers, actors, voice-over professionals, and game testers. We have also our own in-house voice studios which are fitted with the very latest recording and post-production technology tools.

Our objective is to help publishers and developers enter and thrive in the Asian markets and to maximize sales. Whether you are pitching an idea, developing a game, or ramping up for release, we can offer a specialized game localization service.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at +86-137 7187 3818