"I'm pretty satisfied with the result. In the future, we may have more cooperation with you."
---JaanaTuomi, Senior Development Director of Visitfinland
"Our Marketing Department has been using WordTech International's linguistic services for a range of different projects (the translation of our website, online databases and brochures into several languages, website and marketing doc updates…). Their team of translators is highly professional with an in-depth knowledge of the domain terminology required for the tourism industry. Reliable, fast, very friendly, and cost-effective - these are some of the qualities that come to mind when describing WordTech International."
---Helen Zhang, Business and Events Manager Greater China, New Zealand Tourism
Travel and Hospitality Translations
Established in 1998, WordTech International has a dedicated team specializing in travel translations, and has over 15 years' experience providing specialist language services for the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Over the past decade we have forged strong links with some of the major names in tourism. Our clients include leading guidebook publishers, travel magazines, website designers, national and regional tourist boards, tourist offices, national parks, museums, tour operators, car rental agencies, hotels and restaurants, who have chosen WordTech International's combined linguistic and travel expertise to meet their specific translation requirements.

During this time we have developed specialist knowledge in every aspect of tourism, ranging from art and culture, architecture, history and geography, to advertising and marketing, food and wine, and sport and leisure.

In addition, we also offer a range of additional linguistic services for the tourism and leisure sectors, including proofreading, typesetting and design, and the provision of interpreters for incentives and business travel expo, tourism shows, hospitality events, familiarization trips, among many others.

What needs a special highlight is that, with the travel industry all over the world has now been stepping up a campaign to attract Chinese tourists to their economy, the Chinese business travelers and package tourists are becoming a lucrative source of income for the global tourism industry. To better attract the Chinese clients and consumers, it is of vital importance for the hotels, restaurants, museums, national parks, luxury product stores, and all other travel related agencies to localize and translate their websites and other marketing texts into Chinese. By the end of 2013, WordTech International has helped over 576 such agencies and companies with their language and cultural adaptation needs. In addition, WordTech International has already been helping them with their interpreting needs either in China or anywhere in the world.

WordTech International's global presence, unparalleled breadth and depth of experience, and ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification ensure that you will receive the industry's highest level of service.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at +86-137 7187 3818