"Special thanks to the native speaker editor(s) for the translation of the sections 'Introduction' and 'Chief Editor's Note'. I noticed that the editor(s) has/have made extra efforts in editing and rewriting. I very much appreciate it" "The revised version of the slogan is good --- very concise and straight forward."
---PR Manager of a Holding Enterprises Group Specializing in Businesses Related to Oil and Natural Gas Industries
"We are very satisfied with your service and look forward to long-term cooperation in the future."
---Beijing Electric Power Engineering Company
"WordTech International's service is meticulous. The translators have not only translated the documents but also offered correction suggestions for the source language. Thank you!"
---Petro China
Energy and Environmental Industry Translation
The development of renewable energy has become one of the most important issues facing the global community today and with the rapid expansion of the energy sector in growing markets around the world, R&D for new and alternative energy sources has exponentially increased, requiring new forms of integrated cooperation between different companies and countries alike. By harnessing the subject-matter expertise and linguistic command of a language service provider like WordTech International, businesses involved in international technology transfers and overseas development are better equipped with the multilingual infrastructure necessary to succeed in the global economy.

With the steady increase and need for Renewable Energy worldwide, it is essential to find a translation company that can turn documents around quickly, accurately, and efficiently. It has never been more important to find a company that is an expert in the intricacies of translation and the terminology of the Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection industries.

With over 16 years experience in the translation industry we have developed a specialized expertise of working closely with Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology companies and translating within this industry. Whether you want your website to go global or need translation of marketing and technological materials into multiple languages, at WordTech International, we can assist you in participating and adapting to the rapid changes of energy and environmental landscape. Translations of research papers and feasibility studies can help you obtain information from around the world about a new technology, while the localization of instruction manuals and user guides will help implement these green technologies. In addition, we can offer translation and localization services in a wide range of growing green energy industries, such as bio-energy, geo energy, solar power, water power, and wind power, enabling you to play a part in these important markets.

Our concept at WordTech International is to provide a specialized translation service for a greener future. Not only are we passionate about language and communication but also about creating a cleaner and more sustainable world for us all. We have the capacity for large and multiple projects and have a proven track record of meeting tight deadlines at a competitive price. By working with WordTech International, you can rest assured that alternative energy sources information can be quickly made worldwide through our accurate and efficient translation services.

Whether you deal in oil and gas, coal, nuclear or electrical power, or new energy sectors like renewable or clean energy, or whether you have translation requirements in upstream areas such as exploration and drilling, or in downstream functions like refining and retail marketing, WordTech International has the expertise to provide you with comprehensive localization solutions customized to meet your individual translation and language technology needs.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at +86-137 7187 3818