"I really appreciate your team's efforts. Please let your linguistic team know that they have done a good job. I will provide some feedback for the terminology later. Keep up the good work! "
---David Chang, Chief Counsel, ZTE
"Yes I understand that the UI text is quite context sensitive. Thank you for being so professional."
---Marketing Director of a Leading Provider of Intellectual Property Management Software.
"I value your partnership and look forward to our further cooperation."
---Operations Manager of a Multi-National IP Corporation
"Your team is impressive, and your patent linguists are first-rate."
---Patent agent of a top-10 IP law firm in the USA
Patent Translation
WordTech International established its patent translation division in 1998 to provide high-quality and technically accurate patent translations to its customers. The in-house patent translation team is exclusively dedicated to the professional translation of patents and IP-related materials (claims, national validations, specifications, drawings, abstracts, European applications, international applications, assignments, documents for Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) preparation) . We translate patent materials involved in patent prosecution and patent litigation including Office Actions, References, and Court orders. Each translation goes through word by word editing and review by different patent translation experts to ensure quality and accuracy.

WordTech International's patent professionals include full-time experienced registered Chinese patent attorneys and patent engineers with strong technical backgrounds. Our patent translation services cover a wide range of technical fields including, but not limited to, electronics, mechanics, communication, optics, IT, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biology, and chemistry.

WordTech International's patent translation team has performed over 3 billion words of translation in this field. Our full-time, in-house, native-speaking, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, French and Spanish translators have a combined to talof over 490 years of patent and IP-related translation experience.. For all other non-major languages, the translation team works only with experienced, specially selected, and screened professional translators, chosen for their specific expertise.

● As specialists in IP translation, our translators understand the process of patent drafting, the structure of claims, and the implications of their choice of terminology.
● Our translators make a full reading of the specification prior to translating the abstract and/or claims.
● Our translators have also access to the best online and print resources for terminology selection and checking.
● Team work allows a triple checking system for all patent translations.
● Our translators benefit from on-going technical training and feedback from our patent attorneys.
● As translators, our team is best placed to hand pick the best translators and together with support from our multi-lingual patent attorneys who are best qualified to coordinate the translation of your patent and IP-related materials into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.
● Quality is monitored through periodic translation and file audits.
● We maintain an environment where excellence and continuous on-the-job training is a must to ensure the best possible services for our clients.

Our Patent Translation Team has been quickly growing and is currently among the top 3 translation providers in China in terms of team size and daily output. With our proven methodologies and best practices, we have been serving leading law firms, IP agencies, Fortune 500 companies, national and multinational organizations such as EPO, USPTO and SIPO, among many others.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at +86-137 7187 3818