"Our relationship with WordTech International began in 2003, and they have contributed over the years to help us cut our product globalization costs by more than 65% while improving our product quality and release cycle times at the same time."
---Joe Hage, Sr. Vice President, Agile Software
"We recognize and appreciate that your team produces high quality work overall and I have been personally impressed by your team's professionalism and excellent customer service."
---VP of a World-Leading 3D Software R&D Company
Software Localization
Software application and related documentation localization is a delicate and complex process involving diverse skills and requiring experience in the coordination of work phases. WordTech International believes that it is not enough to simply convert text into the target languages. Over the years our team has learned that:

● Contents must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural system of the target language
● Communication tone must be suitable for technical standards
● Graphical components must also undergo any necessary transformations to meet the linguistic and cultural communication requirements
● Scripting components (Javascript, PHP, Perl, Asp, database, etc) must be adapted to and harmonized with the resulting product
● Page formatting must be taken into account and made compatible with the original graphical structure, and with the demands of search engine and directory positioning
● The user interface is localized in all of its structural components (i.e. menu bars, button, status indicators, generic messages, error messages, etc). This phase requires an ability to work with source code editors, resource and graphics files, and software compilers adapted to the language of use.
● The software guide is localized & translated to be consistent with the terminology used in the localization of the user interface, respecting the format (Rtf or HTML) of the original structure.
● Any documentation accompanying the software (i.e. manuals, brochures, packaging elements, etc) is localized taking into account the language and cultural aspects, the type of publication, and the market sector for which the software is destined.

Keeping these above factors in mind, WordTech International is committed to helping our clients minimize labor and financial costs through quality localization including maintenance and service support. At WordTech International, our software localization services preserve the product value and appeal by utilizing native speakers with product domain and software architecture expertise. The frameworks and specialized tools used by WordTech International team include:
● Guidelines, templates and checklists for L10n process
● Best practices and L10n usage guidelines available for commonly used products/platforms
● Common reusable component for externalization at different platforms Java/.Net
● Tools to trace multi-byte characters
● C++ i18n impact analysis tool

At WordTech International, project management is a core competence, not an afterthought. Our passion for project management is driven from the president down, and we work hard to instill its disciplines throughout the company. Our project managers possess language skills, rich multiple-language localization management experiences, and profound localization industry knowledge to provide end to end localization solutions to our client. WordTech International teamworks very closely with our clients to keep them informed of the status of intermediate milestones and alert them of any events that can impact the cost, quality and/or schedules of their projects. In addition, WordTech International team will focus on issues critical to maintaining activities on schedule and within budget, like cost variances and progress against scheduled milestones, through reports such as weekly status reports and conference call reviews.

WordTech International will work with you to refine the project management process on your projects to your preferred requirements.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at +86-137 7187 3818