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WordTech International once again ranks among the top 30 CSA2018 Asian language service providers
Time:2018-8-3  Source:WordTech International  Browse:277

The annual ranking verified and confirmed by CSA is an indispensable basis for language service providers and language technology vendors to evaluate their own competitiveness in the industry and promote their products to the customer groups. The bidding documents issued by many language service customers clearly indicate that they will only consider cooperation with the listed companies. According to the CSA website, there are already 26 investment companies have relied on data and analytics in the language services market to understand the markets and composition of practitioners, and assess opportunities and risks.

On June 14th, the US language service research institute Common Sense Advisory published the 2018 Language Services Market Report, which lasted for 5 months and collected 531 questionnaires; it estimated the output value of global language service industry in 2018 is 46.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.99. % compared with the same period of last year. The report also selected a total of 103 Top100 language service providers in the world, accounting for 13.31% of the global market, an increase of 16.86% compared with the same period of last year.

CSA has conducted research on outsourced language services and technology markets for the 14th consecutive year, and conducted comprehensive survey of language service providers that follow industry practices, and ultimately ranked them. WordTech International has been in the forefront of Asian ranking for several consecutive years and once again ranked 14th in Asia in 2018.