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Based on our philosophy that there should always be the shortest distance possible between the service and the customer, we have never ceased our efforts to provide the best services to our clients worldwide with a high-quality and on a cost-effective basis.

Thus, we invented the PM+EM work model and worked seamlessly with our clients from home and abroad. With our project managers managing our team's translation and localization efforts to meet the client's expectations in both quality and turnaround times, the engagement managers are mainly involved in communicating with our clients on a daily or weekly basis in learning about any even very small changes in the linguistic requirements or delivery, while helping the project managers to make all necessary adjustments linguistically, culturally and technologically. With these joint efforts, all our projects find its way to exceed client expectations and be always successful.

We take great pride in our "Smart-Shoring" methodology for large projects:
● Knowledge Transfer: It usually takes place in two to three phases over multiple weeks. Tailored to limit impact to our client's team.
● Steady State – Maintenance: Initially, the team will focus on Sustaining Translation and Localization activities as the team builds expertise around the particular industry or product set.
● Steady State – Projects: Once the team has built sufficient expertise, we can spin off incremental projects leveraging the current team and adding additional resources as needed.

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team uses our proprietary WordTech PMS to integrate client data, competitive product information, and linguistic market rates, generating over half a billion dollars for our clients since 1998. With our efficient, streamlined workflow and deep knowledge of the business side of IP, legal, financial, technical, and high-tech products, nearly 100% of our delivered projects win clients' high appraisal and continued service requests.

A good language services provider (LSP) will maintain glossaries and style guides, which ensures a consistent message and adheres to your translation preferences. With WordTech International, you can also be confident that your message will be accurate, culturally sensitive and audience-appropriate, in addition to the easy fact that your time and money will be saved by making full use of our translation memory software and year-over-year savings and volume discounts. Meanwhile, your staff stays focused on the job you hire them to do.

We are willing to be your Cultural & Linguistics department. We will be more than happy to work closely with you to determine your process, what steps will take place each time a document is translated(or a product is localized) and how your specific needs will be met. With our well-established workflows and proprietary tools, we will always ensure consistency throughout all files and documents, and recurrent phrases that have to be rewritten to make sense in the target language will always be translated the same way. Most importantly, we work only with highly specialized, expert translators and specialists who can deliver the best quality products and who are professional, dedicated, passionate, loyal and happy, which is the foundation of our promises.

We're aligned with your interests. If we don't provide value to you, we don't get paid. We eliminate the downside, and we manage the translation and localization process so you can focus on running your business.

Our clients and partners include blue chip companies, law firms, IP agencies, R&D firms, financial and securities corporations, education and e-learning service providers, as well as all other types of start-ups, SMEs and leading corporations. We also have extensive experience working with governments, international institutions, hedge funds, universities and social media.