Voiceover and Subtitling
WordTech International has done extensive work to develop its Voiceover and Media Production services in order to offer a complete package of translation and localization services to clients across a wide range of languages.

Our team of leading voiceover talent provides culturally accurate and localized voiceovers and dubbing for clients from all over the globe. For the original message of the source content to be conveyed to the global marketplace and local communities, it is critical that the accent, dialect, and speech are localized for our clients’ target audience. Even the most skilled actors cannot mimic regional differences in accent or dialect unless they are native to the target country and region.

WordTech International provides Voiceover and dubbing services for:
● Film
● Multimedia applications
● Corporate presentations
● Commercials
● In-flight videos

Superior Sound and Recording
The success of our clients' voiceover projects relies on the superior quality of the sound and recording. At WordTech International, we partner with premier recording studios to ensure that the final product is of the highest technical quality— that it is timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voiceover narration. We then deliver the broadcast quality audio files in any format you require.

Subtitling Services
Subtitling is one step above transcription, where the translation of the dialogue is overlayed directly onto the video. This service includes:
● Professional translation and transcription of dialogue with time-stamps at regular intervals.
● Subtitles overlayed onto supplied video file.
● Quicktime format preferred for best quality results

Quality Assurance
Every translation solution provided by WordTech International is guaranteed by our industry-leading quality assurance system. Upon the successful completion of the project we deliver the certifiable translation and voiceover files in the format preferred by the client.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at 025-85238890
"Your timely and professional subtitling service has been a great help to our business. It is your work that gives our reports an international presence. Thank you WordTech International and all your teams for all your efforts."
---Sherry Lee, AsiaInfo Technologies Inc.
"We won this job because client is satisfied with the quality of your team's voiceover service."
---Project Manager of One of the Top 10 Language Service Providers in the World