Simultaneous, Consecutive, Telephone and Escort Interpretation Services
Interpreting involves the verbal rendition of one language into another and vice versa to facilitate spoken communication between parties, who speak two different languages. When it comes to pitching your product at international events or explaining your services to limited-English proficient clients, on-site interpreter services are essential. Professional interpreters become an extension of your business, representing you and your brand. We take that responsibility very seriously, training our interpreters to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and service.

Whether you require interpretation for a significant international conference or a small business meeting, at WordTech International, we will provide you with excellent professional interpreters in any language combination. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars, and other events. WordTech International interpreters are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal, and professional qualities. We can also provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment. Whether you request interpretation services weeks in advance or on short notice, our client service professionals are ready to assign the best interpreters to meet your needs.

We offer interpretation services for:
● Conferences and Conventions
● Human Resource Meetings
● Speeches
● Seminars
● Press Conferences
● Consumer Product Launches
● Training Courses
● Medical Appointments
● Depositions
● Legal Interpretations and Courtroom Proceedings
● Trade Shows
● Interviews
● Teleconferences
● Workshops
● Tours
● Shopping

In addition, what makes WordTech International outstanding amongst the profession is our 16 years of escort interpretation and telephone interpretation services. Escort interpretation is where an interpreter accompanies a client to a function or on a formal and informal business trip. This service is most often used during a business trip, field research, exhibition, or social event and is most often requested for individuals or small tours. If you've just travelled or moved to China and your Mandarin extends little beyond 'ni hao', then fear not. Our escort interpretation service could be just what you need to make your travel/life in China much easier. We have designed our Making Asia Easy solutions especially for total beginners, guiding you through many different situations you will face every day in China, including ordering in restaurants, bargaining, taking taxis, and much more…

WordTech International has a special team dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient live phone interpretation services. Through today's advances in Internet and telecommunication services, live over-the-phone interpretations are becoming a viable option for real-time multi-lingual communications. Our operators are trained to handle live human phone interpretations to and from over 56 languages covering all subject matters. From complex medical matters to legal depositions, WordTech International's phone interpretation service interpreters are on call to ensure you have a productive and successful multilingual meeting.

WordTech International is the provider to over 6,500 clients worldwide and is trusted by the most reputable organizations in the world. Our effective quality control program and considerate business model can ensure you with qualified interpreters whenever you need, to facilitate you both culturally and linguistically. Whether you need business, legal, medical, educational, or customer service-related phone interpretation services, WordTech International is your cost-effective and reliable solution.

All WordTech International interpreters sign confidentiality agreements. We will also be happy to sign your company's individual confidentiality forms.

Employing an interpreter from WordTech International ensures your message is delivered accurately in a culturally appropriate manner, leaving no room for misunderstanding because of a language barrier. For more information on our Interpretation Services, feel free to contact us at

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 025-85238890
"Thanks for your excellent interpreting work in our first cooperation. Hope we have more chances to cooperate."
----Vendor Manager of a Leading e-Learning Solutions Company
"On behalf of ABP, thank WordTech International for your quality interpretation for the last two years. We wish our collaboration will be more fruitful in 2008. Happy New Year and wish you all the best!"