Multilingual Desktop Publishing
The Desktop Publishing (DTP) team at WordTech International can help you organize your pages, documents, and images in a standard format before publication. Our DTP Services will ensure that the original layout and formatting of the source document are retained when we lay in the translated text, with the layout being carefully adjusted in the process.

Our core DTP services include:
● Text & Page layout and Formatting
● Font compatibility checks and typesetting
● Creation and editing of technical copy
● Layout designing
● Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP
● Converting files to and from multiple formats (E.g. Illustrator to HTML)
● Press checks (Checking printed samples before mass printing is carried out)
● Web DTP in HTML, XML, SGML, FLASH and other online media formats
● Proofreading of Post DTP artworkAt

WordTech International, we can manage everything from DTP for print, to web, software GUI localization, and other forms of multimedia platforms. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced DTP specialists, graphic designers, desktop publishers, proofreaders and quality controllers. Each member has an average experience of 5 years in the publishing and related industry. All of them are well-versed with Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Corel, and other electronic publishing technologies.

With WordTech International, you can rest assured that any DTP work you send to us will be perfectly handled. We have the required software, infrastructure, equipment, manpower, and expertise that are required to deliver professional DTP services. Our high-quality DTP services are cost-effective in nature and can be delivered within a short turnaround time. Over 168 companies in the publishing industry, including small and medium publishing houses, from all over the world, have utilized our desktop publishing services. We have been providing offshore DTP services for over 13 years.

For more information on our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services, feel free to contact us at

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"Thank you so much for your quality work. It has saved us a lot of money. Your technical writers are very professional, committed and easy to work with. We would like to extend the contract for 2 more years."
---- eBao Tech
"The feedback I receive regarding your DTP deliveries has all been positive. Thank you!"
----Vendor Manager of a Leading Publishing House in Spain
"WordTech International's desktop publishing service is meticulous. The translators have not only have translated the documents but also offered correction suggestions for the source language. Thank you!"
---Petro China