Technical Writing
WordTech International offers professional technical writing staff that provide you with high-quality content services whether or not you have technical writers on-site. We offer:
● Constant communication with on-site staff through conference calls, e-mail, and Web Ex Meetings
● Support structure of other writers and editors to ensure document quality
● In-house DTP resources allowing quick formatting and file conversion capabilities, as well as fast error correction
● Native English speakers and senior editors to edit projects as needed
● Flexibility in working with software still under development

Team Structure
WordTech International provides professional teams that are experienced in streamlining the technical writing and content editorial process.

Senior Technical Writer/Editor
Manages the project and provides a point of contact for the customer at all times
Coordinates between the customer and the WordTech International team
Ensures consistency throughout the documentation process
Edits all project documents before submission

Technical Writers/editors
Depending on the size, time-line, and requirements of the project, WordTech International will provide skilled resources to write and edit documents
Depending on the scope of the project the team will also take screenshots and add images, tables, and charts as needed

DTP Team
The Desk Top Publishing team will provide document templates and formatting.
Polish the presentation of the document before each delivery to ensure professional quality appearance.
Convert the files to the necessary format specified by the customer. (E.g. .PDF, .RTF, .HTML, etc.)

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 025-85238890
"WordTech International has provided us with translation service on technical writing that are of high quality and efficiency since 2002. We can see that all the translators have strong technical background and abundant working experience from the performance on Chinese-English and English-Chinese professional terms translation."
"WordTech International's technical writing service is attentive and earnest while the production is of high quality. I am quite satisfied."
---China Unicom