Localization Testing and QA Services
Comprehensive testing and translation QA services
WordTech International provides comprehensive testing and quality assurance (QA) services for software and website localization projects.

During a full-scale globalization effort, the translation of an application or website often exposes product coding or presentation layer issues that require quick resolution. These can include broken functionality and cosmetic issues that can confuse or frustrate international users. Mistranslations are often common due to the limited context a translator has while working with software string lists or resource files. Our expert teams can identify and correct these functional, linguistic, and cosmetic issues throughout the globalization cycle to ensure exceptionally smooth international product releases.

At WordTech International, Quality Assurance (QA) systems exist in each phase of the translation and localization process and are the bedrock of our approach to what we do. Managing the globalization ecosystem is a constant challenge, and each of our clients benefit from our experience and passion for getting it right the first time. Our proven approach is systematic, consistent, scalable, and adaptable to the specific needs of the project. Backed by the ISO 9001 international standard, services from linguistic and accuracy checking to internationalizing, functional testing, compliance, automation, and QA tool development, we provide a customized approach which ensures that the final deliverables meet the project objectives. Carried out both in-country by native speakers and in our off-shore facilities, our QA teams are built to cater to all languages and to meet the budgetary and service-level expectations of our clients.

At WordTech International, we check the following aspects during localization and internationalization testing:
● Compliance of the application with native or localized environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)
● Compliance of the application with GUI guidelines
● Compatibility with different regional standards (e.g., date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.)
● Regulatory compliance
● Help files and documentation
● Absence of untranslated messages
● Alphabetic sorting order
● All tests are conducted on the required local operating systems, i.e., the end user's “real world” working environment. In most cases, localization and internationalization testing are performed together with functional testing.

Testing & QA solutions
As with all of our solutions, WordTech International begins quality evaluation by assessing what you already have in place for product testing — plans, platforms, roadmaps, scripts, and defect tracking systems, while taking into consideration your existing processes and experiences. We then assemble a multi-disciplinary team, which can include linguists, engineers and QA testing specialists, to address the specific needs of your project. We offer a flexible approach that can include our resources onsite, onshore, or offshore. An overview of our testing services:

Software and web application testing services:
● Internationalization testing is executed before translation begins with the goal of exposing language independent functional issues that can be corrected once in the English source, rather than in each additional language.
● Localization testing occurs after translation is completed to verify the localized product against the source product checking for cosmetic and functional issues specific to each language.
● Linguistic testing involves in-market linguists reviewing the translation within the context of the running application, local operating system, and browser. This is a critical step for ensuring the quality of any translated application, as out-of-context phrases, formatting limitations and development practices can generate issues identified at this stage.

Website testing services: Although website testing often includes many of the same testing services found in software and web application testing, it often requires more specific testing to verify compliance with certain browsers and to ensure that hyperlink navigation remains intact. In addition, the process can require special attention to cultural preferences and sensitivities as it often involves greater use of visual elements that might not relate cross-culturally.

Customized and value-added solutions: With our great expertise in localization testing, using industry standards and best practices, WordTech International performs localization testing according to a customer's specific requirements (corporate identity, standards and regulations). Test automation approach is also used to optimize the costs and reduce the testing time. In addition, professional proofreading is available to check the quality of localization. Our QA and testing professional address desktop software and websites as well as firmware, embedded systems and mobile device testing based on your specific requirements. And the solutions range from fully outsourced turnkey solutions to staffing resources working onsite with your existing in-house staff.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@wordtechintl.com or call us at 025-85238890
"We recognize and appreciate that your team's testing and QA work overall and I have been personally impressed by your team's professionalism and excellent customer service."
---VP of a World-Leading 3D Software R&D Company
"We began to establish cooperation relationship with WordTech International in 2002 and it has long-term provided testing and QA service of high quality on radio communication technology for us. We are quite satisfied with WordTech International's translation quality, degree of professional technology, meticulous service and staffs' well-behaved occupation quality during the years of cooperation. Thank you WordTech International for helping us expand into the Chinese market."
---Beijing Branch, Tait Radio Communications HK