Translation and Localization Staffing
Do you need a medical translator? A Chinese website QA specialist? A localization project manager?

WordTech International offers comprehensive localization recruiting and localization staffing solutions that reduce budget, timelines and management headaches — and provides access to some of the most talented localization staff in the industry.

Whether you need a single resource for three weeks or a team of twenty for seven months, we recruit, screen and present candidates to work on your specific project. Once you approve, experienced staff members are placed on WordTech International's payroll. We manage all the HR related issues so that you can simply focus on your core responsibilities. We oversee the training of your contracted employees based on your project's unique needs, procedures and practices.

Our experienced staff will work closely with you during recruitment, screening and placing highly professional localization resources in areas such as:
Project management
Internationalization engineering and testing
Localization engineering
Linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing
Native speaking linguists in over 20 fields, such as medical, legal, energy, insurance, financial, among many others
DTP specialists

In addition, we also offer value-added services including:

Training: We oversee the training of your contracted employees based on your unique project needs, policies and practices.
Project management: We manage all day-to-day project activities, as well as administrative tasks, such as timesheets, invoices, scheduling and financials.
Program setup: Our team will establish program operations and practices for a new customer or customer division.

For more information about us, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 025-85238890
"I really appreciate your team's efforts. Please let your linguistic team know that they have done a good job. I will provide some feedback for the terminology later. Keep up the good work!"
---Vendor Mnager of an International Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company
"Special thanks to the native speaker editor(s) for the translation of the sections 'Introduction' and 'Chief Editor's Note'. I noticed that the editor(s) has/have made extra efforts in editing and rewriting. I very much appreciate it" "The revised version of the slogan is good --- very concise and straight forward. "
---PR Manager of a Holding Enterprises Group Specializing in Businesses Related to Oil and Natural Gas Industries